Faucet bot is a program for automatic collection Satoshi Faucet system.
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About Faucet BOT 3.0

Faucet Bot - software that automatically passes faucets and collects Satoshi.
The program is easy to use and does not require any knowledge. Bot tested on a variety of valves with different CAPTCHA: ReCaptcha, FunCaptcha, SolveMedia. If faucet set timer, anti-bot - It's not a problem. To start you need to make some settings, which you can see below, and leave the computer is turned on, else the bot will do everything himself. Faucet Bot When active, you can use your computer for other purposes, it does not affect its performance. For 1 day bot collects 593 688 Satoshi. (Updated 10/11/16) bypass one faucet time depends on its complexity, this timer, various anti-bot, etc.
Average time of 1 min. This bot is certainly not free of charge, as a freebie is good,
but unfortunately that did not valued free. Price: 0.05 BTC

How it Works !

Video Automatic Faucet Bot


Average income: 422 000 satoshi for one IP

Details faucet bot

Version 3.0
 CoinBase, Xapo, E-Pay
Now also the new
ReCaptcha, FunCaptcha, SolveMedia
Price - 0.05 BTC

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